Registration Open: The EvoShield Scandinavia Lineman Camp

14608050_10153966087485983_77390609_nThe EvoShield Scandinavia Lineman Camp is an open camp starting in 2016 for Offensive and Defensive linemen in Scandinavia. Our camps are open to all scandinavian teams and coaches. As every football coach in scandinavia knows the value of having good Offensive and Defensive linemen. We also know that football players that play these two positions don’t always get the recognition and attention they deserve for their performance on the field. This camp is your chance to showcase your talents and compete against the best linemen in scandinavia. The spotlight will be on you.

Position and Agility Drills

Each athlete must designate a primary position when they register for the camp. Each group will have color coded jerseys based on their position. The Football Position Drills will be run by some of the top coaches in the area, along with former college & NFL
Players. Athletes will participate in 4-5 position and agility stations throughout the camp. All Agility Drills will be beneficial for our staff to evaluate players’ overall athletic ability, strength and conditioning.

Offensive Line Drills & Technique Training
Stance and Footwork Hand Placement Overcoming a Late Set Getting Bull Rushed Timing of your Kick and Punch Run and Pass Block

Defensive Line Drills & Technique TrainingEvo shield logo
Stance, Get Offs Effectively Using Your Hands Strong Attack Pass Rush Moves and more…

Top Viking Competition The EvoShield Scandinavia Lineman Camps will have the “Top Viking” Competition at the end of camp. Throughout the day our staff is identifying the top players in attendance. These top players will be called out to compete against each other to see who are the best at their position. Awards will be passed out at the end of camp and will be recognized on evoshieldscandinavia FB page.

Date: November 19-20th
Place: Slora iddrettspark Strømmen, Norway.